Guthrie Frames

slider1.jpgVector Fitness supplies guthrie frames to pysiotherapy departments. We offer a custom-built, full design service. Call for a quote on your requirements.


These are standard Guthrie Smith type frames and can be purchased separately  or as a package. As a floor mounting configuration, it overcomes the need to fix to walls / ceilings with all the associated problems. There are three standard components which can be mixed & matched as required.


These components form a frame assembly approx 150cm wide x 200cm high overall x 240cm long.



•   The frames can be assembled by bolting together on-site


•   If a side or top is not specified, we need to provide bracing for the assembly


•   The ends provide holes on the feet for user-provided floor fixings



If you prefer a suspended type of frame, we are happy to supply the standard components and you can arrange the necessary suspension fittings.


The std 4mm wire mesh frames surrounded by 50x 50 RHS tubing  have a static point load of 100kg  with  a uniformly spread load of 200kg  and this is assuming the mounting arrangements by the customer are suitable e.g. Heavy duty anchor screws or bolts.


Our Guthrie Frame models include:



  • VSR 32 Guthrie Frames


  • VSR33 Guthrie Frames


  • VSR33.1


  • Mesh Frame Top / Side
  • Can be used for both top and / or side  
  • Dimensions: 150 x 240cm all mesh inside  



  • VSR33.2


  • Mesh Frame End
  • 150cm x 150cm square mesh starting Approx 50cm from floor height
  • Can be Used at either or both ends
  • Dimensions:150w x 200cm



  • VSR33.3


  • Frame end support
  • Bare support for end (no mesh ) completes structure
  • Dimensions: 150cm w   x200cm
  • Assembly bolts are included
  • Note. ground or ceiling anchors are not supplied with frames  
  • Sizing dependent on order
  • Shipping can be arranged with our freighters if required guthrie.jpg